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Funny, Toronto seemed to have far more zombies...

Lovely, you went to a comic book convention. Deee Ceeee... Maahhrrveelll.. Of course they shambled, that was the first time some of them had left thier homes in a year.

That such a thing exists makes my heart swell with patriotism. For your country, not mine.

I wish so badly that I could take part.

You could always try to start one of your own. It's the time of year for it, after all.

Perhaps if we're lucky we'll get the local chapter of Team Makeout (Taking Back First Base!) to be part of it. Lechorous zombies can only be a good thing.

A Saturday... Interesting... if I could get airfare together I could fly up Friday night, do the thing, then fly back Sunday...

Double triple dog dare you.

I suppose I'll go do that now then, yes?

This is a great idea!

It's a fabulous idea, and you should support it. Support it with your brains, yes.

Man, that's beautiful. It's a zombie renaissance, one big decaying lumbering brain-gnawing festival of undead love everywhere I turn these days. I remember the cold, dark days of 1987, after Evil Dead 2 came and went. And we all said, "Now what?" And nobody answered. We just looked at each other in the cold darkness because we knew it was somehow over and would stay over for a long, long time. Oh sure, there would be a glimmer now and again, but for years there was nothing. Thank you, Danny Boyle. I've said it before and I'll say it again: A Life Less Ordinary? All is forgiven.

Next we'll teach them how to paint in perspective and write like Charles Dickens. Enough of this Zombie Holding Gun, we want revolution!

FINALLY! something zombie oriented closer to home...

I offer my couch for overnight LJ stays.

Why bother mentioning Voodoo? No one has the taste, elegance and style to be a Haitian zombie anymore!

Alas my job requires me to work until midnight. Anything after midnight?

Not that I know of, there may be some leporous parties after, little gatherings in various apartments, but nothing planned per se.

1) Zombie recruitment underway amongst my companions. If only my pets were less timid in public or gourmet in taste we could have some corpse-eating-rats along the way
2) Is it not the last friday? What ever happened to that game?
3) Plans for fireworks tomorrow? My apartment is still available for meet-up if it would be helpful,though in weather like this I'm sure any streetcorner would do just as well.

1. Groovy. I am considering the bringing of a ferret.
2. That game died when the players seemed to have lost interest. Andrew and I cannot carry such a thing alone, that's not the purpose. The idea was to bring other people in and create an interactive thing.
3. An apartment is a splendid idea. E-mail me info's and I'll see what I can do?

Hmm. I know people who may be quite interested. You say "Sat Aug 27" - do you mean "Sat Aug 28" or "Fri Aug 27", just for clarity?

Whoops. Saturday, the whichever Saturday falls on.

I....am having an orgasm of happiness right now.

Thank you, my dark mistress. I will forever eat brains.

Unwanted Zombiewalk Promotion!

You probably don't want us to, but we're gonna promote for you anyway!

Due to our preoccupation with living-dead things, Vyral -- a horror-based electronic/industrial act out of Baltimore, MD -- has decided to promote the Zombiewalk 2005, just because ...

... well, just because zombies are totally awesome, and every city should be yearly overrun with legions of the undead.

Would money allow, we would certainly attend, but seeing as how we play music, our wallets are empty. So until then, we'll just continue penning soundtracks for the apocalypse and keep word of it on our website!


I happen to have several Value Village coupon books..

Oo! Value Village! That's where I get all of my clothes...

.. i might need to steal those from you!

I am so in with this. Zombies to the left, Zombies to the right, Zombies Everywhere. Hell, Lets make it a Zombie Jamboree

we may have musical zombies, yes.

you should put an ad in tht Gerogia Straight.

*is totally going*

I've been working on my best "braaaaaiiiiiiinnnnnaaaaaaa" moan.

I'm not actually a direct organizer, I'm one degree away.

This makes me happy in the pants. . . I will be there.

Boo-yeah. More zombiphiles!

can I post links to this on event sites? Like craigslist? And any others I find?
lot's of people I talk too are like "OMG thats so cool, why haven't I heard about it?"

Please pass it on. This isn't my event, really, but I'll be trying to remember to re-post here and to Vancouver.

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