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Feel free to copy and paste.

I'm thinking that if we run out of people to give Narnia to, we can sell them on eBay and give the proceeds to Planned Parenthood.

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Lucky I liked the movie. Now all the children I know are going to get a copy.

I like this shirt here.

This one's good too and sort of what you were talking about except for the swearing.

I've been fond of that first one since it came out. That and stop clubbing baby seals.

The second one, that's what black nailpolish is for.

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I think you just made my brain implode.

How was the meat cake?

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consider this word spread'n!

Oh wow. This is brilliant. Mind if I copy and paste, with credit? :)

PLEASE! The more of us in this, the more money we get. Think of it a little like the sponsered protestors that Planned Parenthood had for a bit.

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How to f*** Bush up
Get married. Then have sex change.
Ha ha ha ha ha

oldskool to the rockzor?

*grins* Thank you. I was sent about four or five different links on this though, some of them messier than others. I'll edit and mention the Seattle News.

One possible danger ....

One possible danger to this is that they may use your visit as propaganda and reinforcement for their position. "Over 15,000 people ordered material from our store" or "we had over a million hits last year on our website" Using numbers to indicate general support for their cause is a over used tactic - but it can work to generate funding for your cause from public service sources (they are a registered charity). They may have an ulterior motive for giving away stuff besides extracting donations. The "free beer" days of attracting votes may not be completely over and perhaps they feel this is a multipurpose tactic. Benefits to them are 1. increased access to funding because of perceived support from web users 2. possibility of donations 3. possibility of converting people if they visit the site 4. preaching to the converted and supporting already held prejudices 5. web statitstics that indicate support for their cause 6. developing their mailing list (obviously the goods will be shipped to somebody's valid address possibly pamphlets enclosed)

Good luck with this. I would like to know what happens.

Love Mum

Re: One possible danger ....

I'll keep in touch about what I recieve.


I will check that out and see what happens.

PS: Nooooo expiry LJ :(

I asked for two copies of Narnia. I think today I might ask for a few more.

p.s. *sniffles*

porphyre, I think you just made my day! That's awesome.

You're very welcome. It's nice to see how much attention this is recieving.

Ship to yourself, but for added fun, use this as your primary verified address:

Church Of Scientology Of B C
401 Hastings Street West
Vancouver, BC V6B 1L5
(604) 681-9121

Dr. Justin Timberlake of the church of scientology sure is a generous bloke.

Andrew, you deserve that statue of Ozmandis.

/taps you with a fairy wand for a couple of months of LJ.

*is glittered*

Thank you!

and they ship internationally. how polite of them.

Isn't it just? Someone has put in an order to Austria. I wonder if it will go through.

Well, I managed to ring up $466 of junk before I got tired of clicking the buttons.

You're ahead of me.

Warren gave me a plug, though, and later comments say that we wiped them out for a bit, bandwidth-wise.

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I think I must be too tired, all I can find to say is I find this infinitely amusing...perhaps finally proof for this hard-core atheist that god does exist....and he's manipulating things to entertain me.

You needed some respite.

consider it passed on :P

Focus on ripping on dodgy Christian organisations

Saw this post on warrenellis.com, brilliant.

I just went through and ordered myself 3 copies of Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe... I mean, it's not like there was anything else worth buying on there. Though it could be good to get my Christian parents free gifts come Christmas...

Anyway, nice find, the little guys need to do whatever they can to stop the Christian fundamentalists from having too much control over our society.
It's like, World Vision have ads all over the TV asking for donations, but what they fail to mention is that they're a Christian organisation, and *apparently* they're more likely to provide aid to people that accept Christianity... Coincidence?


You know, as much as I disagree with Focus on the Family, they have a right to exist and to hold their opinions. Draining their resources purely out of spite seems like persecuting them for their views. And isn't that what we don't like about them?

That said, I'm probably not going to turn down free Narnia (I'm still debating it), but I'll take only what I'm genuinely interested in.

Out of spite? No. Out of a desire for Narnia? Hell yes.

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and now their site is down

I found your journal from Warren Ellis and you are a beautiful, beautiful person.

Just a thought for those of you looking to better your karma and screw over the fundies, your local public library would LOVE to get free copies of the Narnia Cds, books and such.

And Lord do the fundies hate the public libraries. That's where the knowledge devil lives.

new best favorite quote of ALL TIME...

*kiss*, beautiful lady. brilliant.

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<aThank you, hun.

<i>Any idea who made <a href="http://www.yousendit.com/transfer.php?action=download&ufid=056E21460145D113">this?


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