January 1st, 2008

26th birthday

Arcade Fire in an elevator

As benpeek says, Yes, I know. I just posted a video of the Arcade Fire. But then I found this, which is Arcade Fire performing 'Neon Bible' in an elevator, and it's just wonderful. Also, it has the best use of a ripped magazine ever.

Just for fun, I'm nabbing this off him, which he found after nabbing the David Bowie & Arcade Fire video off me.
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I will say real things later, after I try this sleep thing I've heard is neat

Seattle was the escape I needed. Not only does it have a refreshing amount of honest-to-mercy architectural and social diversity, it seems everyone I know there is brilliant, fun, and good-looking.*

It's almost spooky.

*(in this particular instance, I am referring to the delightful novelist Cherie Priest, her wonderful husband Aric Jym, their marvelous friend Alex, and our favourite kitchen genius Ellen, who I met here, but who somehow ended up living in the same building as the first two.)

Also, not only did I get to go home with the hot guy, it was only when I was back in Vancouver that I realized I'd stolen his shirt:

t-shirt death threat

Which begins, if dubiously, my first attempt at the 365 project.

So! Hey 2008! What's shaking?
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