26th birthday


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we did it
We raised just over half in the last two days, enough for me to swing a personal loan (that I can't actually quite afford), at the last minute to cover the rest.

The 48,000 has happened. I've delivered it today.

Now, to get to work on the rest. We have until Jan 15th.

Thank you. I feel like I've just signed away the next ten years of my life into indentured servitude.

Wiggity awesome teh bomb. Right on.

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Congratulations senorita

You never did make those surveys, did you?

Mazel Tov!

Celebration before launching into the next stage?

How can I help, with both the celebration and the next stage?

I'm arranging a dinner for those most involved.

I'd like to help.

Hi Jhayne,

I tried to contact you right after you launched this initiative, but for various reasons I couldn't get through. That said, I want to contribute in any way I can to bring the New York back to life.

Thanks for the MySpace add, by the way.


Danke, we're not done yet.

Accolades of all shapes and colors. Brava. Attagirl.

When's your familia alright with guests?

I'm almost afraid to take a day off.

Congrats and good luck!

Thank you, I'll need it, I'm sure.


I have some photos from Hilo to show you, of a thatre there named 'The Palace' also of 1920's vintage, and restored for similar goals as the Heart of The World (however the Hilo community is a lot smaller and less active than Vancouver).

Nice that other people have managed to be successful with this.


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