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26th birthday


n: vb: the spice of imagination

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his linguistics have burrowed into my tongue
My music on random. Snare snap, three beat four four, lifting on the three. The lyrics are enthusiastically running backwards, something groovy and probably bizarre that I really like. Familiar guitar. I'm not even sure what I'm listening to, I'm only listening with half an ear. Suddenly, my head snaps up. What? I know that voice. Even through backmasking, my blood knows that voice. The Men Of Dreams and Secrets. Billy Nayer Show. My relief when I turned out to be right had absolutely nothing on how hard I laughed when I ran the song in reverse. "She couldn't get it out and it REALLY, REALLY HURT!"

Hilarious. Certainly distinctive. Like everything else they've done.

This charming little film was hand-painted with house paint on paper over a course of several years by Cory McAbee in his bathroom. This should give you an idea of the implicit dedication to creative, sparkling intelligence with which he founded his addictive band, The Billy Nayer Show. I cannot reccomend them enough. Warmly glowing songs that teasingly defy definitive genre, straining at the leash of epic, mystifying humour, no one else in my experience has ever written a song about the smell of sex that's light, dirty, tuneful, regretful, and oddly restrained. "And all the rest of your friends watched you leave together, so they know."

They're also 100% responsible for one of my All-Time Top Five Favourite Films, American Astronaut, a movie so good that it was introduced to me as a way to get into my pants. (Which, in light of recent events, if you look at things sideways and leave out a lot of facts, could be said to have just worked for someone involved with the project. How embarassing.) Breathtakingly impressive, the cinematography's like an outer space reply to Six-String Samurai, while remaining absolutely unique. I've given lectures on how much it kicks ass. Buy it here. Seriously. And then have a movie night. Invite all your friends. Hell, apparently it could even get you laid.

I would write more about it, except the best way to see American Astronaut is to simply find a copy, unplug your phone, turn off the lights, and go in blind.

Don't know anything about it. At all. Because I said so. It'll blow your socks off.

To be fair, they're not for everybody in the same way that not everyone appreciates David Byrne or Frank Zappa, (as I'm writing this, I'm listening to a rather ludicrous short story about a princess who isn't allowed to keep her kittens unless they can carry their weight in the household), but track some down, give them a try. If we can win even ten more converts, think of the good that would do. Sponsor an album and they'll immediately send you a wonderful CD, full of hope for the future. By sharing the wealth, you'll make a difference, for less than a dollar a day! Think of the children!

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May I hug you? I'm in love with The Billy Nayer Show and no one that I know seems able to get into them. They're pure, unadulterated genius, and utterly unique. Kudos on your taste, m'dear!

(Screened comment)
Your sweetie? Wait, did I miss something?

Whoops. Possibly. And here, I was just about to edit that. I fail.

How did I miss this? I'm placing him in my shopping cart now. :)

No idea whatsoever. He's a prodigy. I've been pushing him in my journal longer than I've known him. Half of why I was in Alberta was to play navagatrix for his tour visits there.

re my earlier comment about someone's writing sounding a lot like someone else's...

his linguistics have borrowed your tongue

Yeah. He started that as soon as I got him to finally start writing in an LJ. At first it was flattering, sweet, you know? Then it got tiresome, especially when I could find passages directly lifted from my writing. Oh well.

I absolutely love The Billy Nayer Show. I've only seen bits of American Astronaut, but I'm quite amused by the bits thus far. I need to either buy it or borrow it, and watch it all the way through.

Through a completely different set of events a couple of weeks ago, I heard of the American Astronaut and The Billy Nayer show on someone else's LJ. I thought to myself "That's awesome. Y'know, I bet Jhayne has never heard of that show. This might be one of those rare instances where I find somethign awesome before she does. I should get her a copy and offer it up to her like some valuable jewel for Christmas that she's never seen."
So I ordered it two weeks ago.
I got it in the mail this evening when I checked my mailbox on the way in.
I came to your LJ to let you know.
And I read this.

Boooo. I should really know by now, y'know? : )


Ah well. I know nothing about it so at least I know I'm in for a treat. I'll take your advice and go in blind. I think I'll watch it tomorrow.

: )


That's phenomenal timing, my friend. Phenomenal timng indeed. Now I'm curious as to who's LJ it was and if I was the one who turned them onto it. I've been having a bit of a BNS/American Astronaut revival lately, what with Mike being the bass player and everything.

My copy, however, isn't all shiny and legal like yours. Can I come too?

My receipt says the 27th of November so it would be someone's LJ entry around then. My friends page doesn't go back that far but I'm not sure anyone's does. I forget who it was. I'm pretty sure it had that YouTube clip featured as well. It was someone who talked about how much they loved it during childhood so probably not someone you turned on to it.

Anyway, yeah. Crazy timing. Hey, I brought you - oh.

Childhood? Yikes. A wee tiny friend, obviously. That almost made me feel creakingly old.

Well, perhaps 'childhood' is too strong a term. He was waxing nostalgic about it so I got the impression it was more than a few years ago. Around what time (meaning year) was the Billy Nayer show on?

I was going to say that I am confused, but ah no, it is you who are confused. The Billy Nayer Show is a band. A rather awesome band, as it says in my post. Cory, whose band it is, also makes movies. Charming, strange, delightful movies, such as The American Astronaut and the one that I posted. As if to add insult to injury, Mike tells me he's also a mind-boggling good illustrator as well.

I remember this guy saying that he saw it on television. Maybe one of the movies aired. Maybe I'm remembering it wrong. Well, such is life. Glad that Cory is here.

I think I'm actually going to go to this tonight.


It'll have Kryshan's footage of Santacon and a few performances. Maybe you want to come to my place at 630 and we can watch Billy Nayer before heading up to this thing?

Sounds fun. Shall I bring some cheese soup?

I don't suppose you know if Dylan's related to David at all?

I'm not sure I'd be too into cheese soup but bring it if you want to heat some up for yourself.
I have no idea if Dylan is related to David. I'm relatively sure that Dylan's an only child but I'm more than willing to be completely wrong about that.

I love you, you big lunk. That's the best present ever.

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