26th birthday


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sputnik and laika!
26th birthday
Sputnik! Cosmonauts!

Someone said we were dressed as city workers when we were out last night, to which I said, "No! Cosmonauts!".
They replied, "But cosmonauts aren't real, city workers are, so you're city workers."
"What do you mean cosmonauts aren't real?" "There's no such thing as a cosmonaut!"

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At first I was worried he wouldn't go along with it, but it turned out great!

That's an awesome set of outfits!

I think I met a cosmonaut, once. Neat people, they are.
(I know I've met an astronaut. I'm just not as sure I met a cosmonaut. I have met Russian Air Force people though - purely through happenstance)

ignorance is such an ugly thing. I hope you educated em.

The number of people that didn't know what Sputnik was, "is that an animated kid's show or something?", was a little bit astounding.

both costumes are metaphorical too which doesn't help, still... so much dumb

Sputnik was the first real example of the now pretty famous Russian KISS principle hardware. The original Sputnik designs carried veritable flying labs with dozens of instruments and experiments on board. Then somebody shirt fronted them and told them the truth about the space-race. It had very little to do with hard science and everything to do with a hearts and minds campaign of the public both domestic and abroad. The result was the Sputnik we know and love, a simple radio transmitter. It didn't do anything other than beep.

I would imagine if the Russians thought they could get away with it, they message Sputnik sent would have been 'Neener neener'

It's been ages since I've heard a recording of it, but it seems the audio from the telemetry went something along the lines of, "neener, neener."

We were a lot of people's favourite costume, which totally rocked my space socks.

That helmet is brilliant. Brilliant!

Thank you! I made it out of radio antennae and my old motorcycle helmet from the 80's.

Your helmet looks as though it's coming out of the wall behind you. Also, the two of you look a bit like anime characters. Which are, of course, real. Unlike cosmonauts. Sorry to be the one to have to break it to you.

So after surviving trees and low hanging EVERYTHING the whole night, the helmet slipped out from under my arm at home and one of the antennae snapped on my ivingroom floor. Easy to replace, thankfully, as well as funny.

So, some issues with re-entry, then. You can rebuild it, you have the techology.

Obviously cosmonauts are real for god's sake people JUST WITNESS THE PHOTOS THERE THEY ARE.

"Awesome" only scratches the surface. Well played.

Thanks bunches! It was splendid fun.

Oh yes. I'm in the costume thread where that was found. Maybe we'll be featured too!

Wikipedia "cosmonaut, the word is an anglicisation of the Russian word kosmonavt, one who works in space outside the Earth′s atmosphere, a space traveller.
Which derives from the Russian word kosmos (космос), meaning "space", which in turn derives from the Greek words kosmos (κόσμος), meaning "universe", and nautes (ναύτης), meaning "sailor".
Nothing to see here, just a couple of universe sailors.

Isn't that pretty? I've always felt they had a better word.

You were both great, and thank you for the fireworks in the park. I'm very glad your costumes were bright orange after dropping you off yesterday, unwisely, in the middle of the street like that. I felt very bad watching Tony stranded on the yellow line in the middle of the busy street, as I drove away. Next time I'll pull over, so you live another day.

I don't know if I said this before, but SO loved this.

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