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n: vb: the spice of imagination

Bloody Foxtongue
29 May 1982
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365 day twenty-three: portrait of a girl

a mixture of wonder, pointlessness, isolation, and community

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1000 blank white cards, abandoned buildings, accidental encounters, alan cumming, amélie, androgyny, angering bees, architecture, art, artists, authors, battling inadequacy, beauty, being hypothetically proposed to, being silly, blood, boas, bohemians, books, boxes, boys in dresses, burning man, chocolate, climbing trees, colours, corsets, costume parties, counter culture, creating, creative differences, creativity, cuddling, culture, culture jamming, cyberpunk, dancing, delerium, detail, devilish dry wit, devotchka, downloading socialism, dreams, dressing up, eccentrics, editing, ee cummings, explaining intuition, exploring, expression, fairy-tales, fashion, ferrets, film, flirting with disaster, free radicals, future perfect past, gavool, geeks, glitter, hair dyes, hallowe'en, happily rakish photographs, house of leaves, humour, ice-cream, imagination, intimacy, intimidation through honesty, knives in garter belts, language, lightning, liking antony, little things, love, love letters, media, memes, mischief, modelling, movies, music, musical selkies, my darling thomas, my imaginary lover, mythology, myths, neurofeedback, old movie theatres, originality, painting, paradigm shifting, pataphysics, patterns, people, people watching, photography, pillow fights, pinstripes, placebo sofa cinema, poetic terrorism, poetry, postmodern necking, presents, pretending, propaganda, prose, rain, random photographs of everything, raygun gothic, reading, reflections, romance, run lola run, screaming, shiny things, silver, singing in cars, singing in public places, snarg, snow, social documentary, spelling my interests correctly, storybook architecture, surpises, synchronicity, talking to strangers, that 1 guy, that mike, the hotel ghost, the moon, the purple store, the way you move, the what if, thinking, thoughts, transmetropolitan, travel, tulle, unexpected snow storms, unique pet names, vancouver, velvet, wings, words, writing, you,